Timmy Telescope Solar Astronomy Outreach

To Request a Solar Astronomy Program:

  1. Check Timmy's calendar
  2. Email your choice of date(s) to Roger Kennedy, Solar Astronomy Outreach Coordinator:

What does a Program include?

Our educators can provide a Solar Astronomy Program for your community organization, state or feceral agency, library, school or classroom. Appropriate for grades 4 through adult.

Public events can be tailored to your needs. Teachers: Our educators can develop a special solar astronomy lesson for your students. All activities address NGSS and STEM goals. A typical class lesson lasts about one hour or one normal class period.

See our video: Roger Kennedy Explains Solar Outreach

Pictures from our events are available on Where’s Timmy?.

Optional STEM Lessons & Activities

Additional activities are available upon request. The hosting organization may be asked to provide supplies, additional tables, and assistance. Allow addtional time.