Timmy Telescope Solar Astronomy Outreach

To Request a Solar Astronomy Outreach:

  1. Check Timmy's calendar
  2. Email your choice of date(s) to Roger Kennedy, Solar Astronomy Outreach Coordinator:

What does an Outreach Event include?

Our educators can provide a Solar Astronomy Outreach for your community organization, classroom, grade level, school, after school program or homeschool association. Appropriate for grades 4 and above.

Public events can be tailored to your needs. Teachers: Our educators can develop a special solar astronomy lesson for your students in grades 4 and above. All activities address NGSS and STEM goals. A typical class lesson lasts about one hour or one normal class period. View our brochure for more details.

See our NEW video: Roger Kennedy of CBSAP Explains Solar Outreach

Pictures from our events are available on Where’s Timmy?.

Optional STEM Lessons & Activities

Additional activities are available upon request. The hosting organization may be asked to provide supplies, additional tables, and assistance. Allow addtional time.

1. Ultra-Violet Light

group making solar bead bracelets
UV-color changing beads

2. Ultra-Violet Light

Sun Prints
Sun Prints

3. Electromagnetic Spectrum

group making suncatchers
CD Sun Catcher

4. Albedo/Energy Transformation

Testing the temperatures of different colors
Testing the temperatures of different colors

5. Cycles and Patterns

group making sun dials
Make a sundial

6. Food Web/Energy Chain

Food Web/Energy Chain activity
Where does the energy come from?

7. Our Solar System

scale model of solar system
Solar System scale

8. How we organize the sky

Star Chart
Star Charts