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Electromagnetic Spectrum

STEM Activity 1: "UV Light Detectors"

UV color changing bead bracelet

Purpose: Children use UV color changing beads to observe the effect of UV on their skin. This craft activity should be done inside or under a canopy if possible, away from direct sunlight.

Supplies needed per child: UV color changing beads, chenille stems (any color), snack size plastic bags.

Age level: easy enough for preschoolers. They are always so surprised when the white beads change color. Older children can use the beads to test the effectiveness of various sunscreens and/or sun glasses to block UV radiation.

Notes: Each student receives 5 different colored beads. I use a snack size plastic bag to prepackage one set of beads/child. This avoids children grabbing handfuls of beads and assures that each child receives a complete set. The beads are threaded onto chenille stems (pipe cleaners). We provide the lens and sunscreen. Beads can be purchased online:

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